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Do it your way.

Are you someone who likes to be in control of the products and services you use?


Having control of each aspect of your event ensures that when you need to make a change or a last minute hurdle arises, you can respond quickly and confidently. InComm's self-service audio and web services put you behind the wheel of our powerful telecommunication technologies.

Web-based Passcode Portal


InComm Conferencing offers a web-based passcode management tool - a secure and efficient way for customers to add and manage passcodes on-line.  


Following are the key features:


  • Create or Delete Reservationless passcodes.

  • Send an email confirmation (with passcodes and dial in numbers) directly to the Host and Account Administrator through the portal.

  • Receive Activity Reports for all conferences completed.

  • Receive Recording Notification e-mails that a conference has been recorded and provides links to download the recorded file.

  • View and download a complete list of existing users and passcodes.

  • Create / Modify / Deactivate Reservation-Based, one-time use passcodes.


To view the Passcode Portal go to the following URL:

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Passcode Portal



ConductorWeb is InComm Conferencing’s web interface for automated conferencing that allows the host of a Passcode conference to manage various features of the conference and control participant lines in real-time.  A useful tool for every meeting, ConductorWeb is also ideal for recorded interviews, such as market research or medical education.


How to login?


  • Dial-in to the InComm Conferencing Bridge using the Host passcode.

  • Go to the following URL:

  • Enter your Host and Guest passcodes at the login page.


ConductorWeb provides a Host with access to the following:


  • Summary of most recent conferences under the ‘Recent’ tab (Up to 30 conferences).

  • Displays the ‘Active’ conference on the InComm Conferencing Bridge.

  • Initiate a ‘dial-out’ (if configured).

  • Mute/Unmute/Hold the conference or individual participant lines.

  • Record your conference (if configured).

  • Enable/Disable Talk indicators.

  • Label participant lines using the ‘Edit’ option.

  • ‘Disconnect’ a participant from the call or ‘End’ a conference.

  • Send calendar invitations through the ‘Schedule’ tab.


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Presentation Recording | Auto-Record


InComm Auto-Record allows a Host to dial-in to a passcode account and record a message or presentation without scheduling a conference.   Available 24x7, InComm Auto-Record is ideal for emergency messages, company announcements or reports, and presentations to be used for rebroadcast in a later conference, such as an earnings release.


Key Features:


  • Available 24x7 – no scheduling required

  • No menus to navigate – simply enter the HOST code when prompted; the conference recording will begin automatically.

  • Recording is available immediately for playback or it can be arranged to have the recording edited by a member of the InComm Media Department.  A link to the audio file can also be emailed immediately following recording completion.


The Host & Guest passcodes are used for both playback and recording. To use the system, dial-in to the appropriate number and your recording or playback will begin automatically.


This service is complemented by our ConductorWeb platform which gives the Host complete control of the conference through a web browser.  The Host may start and stop the recording, dial-out and join participants, mute and unmute lines – all with a few simple clicks.

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