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Reach your audience every way possible. Our innovative platforms go beyond the limits of traditional communication. Web-based registration, customized branding, and full event reporting allow you to control the flow of your content. Whether you need Audio / Video webcasted with or without slides, we've got you covered.

Features available for Webcasted Conferences:


Audio / Video / Slides: Whatever is needed to deliver to your message to your audience, InComm has it covered. Our webcast platforms can do Audio / Video only, Audio / Video with Slides, and can be live or on-demand.


Controlled Q&A Sessions: Have full visibility and control of your question-and-answer session with web-based Q&A. As the audience enters questions, moderators will be able to see and prioritize as needed.


CustomizationYour webcast is fully customizable - whether you want to add your logo to the platform, add a poll, or add a PDF for download for your audience, we can tailor the webcast to your needs.


Participant Registration: Full event reporting from start-to-finish. At the conclusion of your webcast, you will receive information on who attended the online presentation from your specifications (e.g. Name / Company / Email), along with their connect and disconnect times.

Our Platforms:


Note: Features and functionality vary by platform. Your Sales Rep will confirm what platform best suits your webcasting needs.

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