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Take the guess-work out of your event. Recommended for Investor Relations and high-profile events. A dedicated operator is assigned to your event to make introductions, moderate your question-and-answer sessions, and to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Perfect for staff and emergency meetings, internal projects, and interviews.  Have the power to initiate a meeting at any time. Simply distribute the dial-in number and guess passcode to your participants, and you can be conferencing with your attendees in seconds. 

Features available for Operator-Assisted Conferencing:


Controlled Q&A Sessions: Have full visibility and control of your question-and-answer session with InComm's IQueue service. Prioritize, reorganize, and remove questions as needed. Click here for a video demo.


Participant Data Collection + Reporting: After the event has concluded, InComm will provide you with the information you requested to be captured from participants (ie. Name, Phone, Company) in one easy to follow document.


Pre-Recorded File Playback: Remove the stress of live script reading of your event. Pre-recording your audio gives you the opportunity to take a breather and compose until your live question and answer session. Perfect for any event.


Call me™: Eliminate hold times for your participants. Ideal for earnings releases and large-scale event, Call me™ connects your audience efficiently and accurately. 

Features available for Self-Service Conferencing:


Reservationless: An audio-solution that is flexible, reliable, and ready when you are. No reservation is necessary so you can conduct a conference at a moment's notice - simply dial your dial-in number and enter your unique conference passcode.


Auto-Record: InComm Auto-Record allows for a Host to dial in and record a message / presentation without scheduling - ideal for emergency announcements, reports, and messages. The recording is immediately available after conclusion.


Conductor Web: A web-based interface for automated conferencing that allows the Host to manage participant lines in real time. This is ideal for recorded interviews such as market research or medical education.


Passcode Portal: InComm offers a web-based passcode management tool that is a secure and efficient way for customers to add or manage their own passcodes online.

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