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Media Frame leverages the power of the web to deliver both live and on-demand streaming of multimedia presentations for investor relations, distance learning, professional development, product introduction, and more. Customized to reflect your corporate identity, the Media Frame utilizes your graphics, logos, and verbiage. Below is a selection of our most popular configurations for Audio and Video webcasts that are available for your review.

Audio Only Webcast

An audio only media frame gives you the opportunity to share your message with a broad audience over the internet without a slide presentation. Your audience will see a static image displayed along side the audio player. 

Note: This example also contains Closed-Captioning. If you would like to add Closed Captioning to your next event, please notify your Sales Rep.

Audio with Presenter-Controlled Slides

A live audio event with presenter-controlled slides provides a means of reinforcing the points of a speaker's presentation with a visual representation. Moderate the slides from any location. On-demand presentations with synced slides let the audience move to specific points in the webcast while keeping the audio in-line with the presentation. Presenter-controlled slides can also be done with a live video event.


Video Only Webcast

Embed an encoded live or on-demand video-only presentation  into a live HTML page that we host for you. 

Audio with User-Controlled Slides

A live audio event with user-controlled slides gives your audience individual control of your slides. Users can move around the slide portion at their own pace during the presentation. This type of webcast would be the same for both live and on-demand / archived webcasts. User-controlled slides can also be done with a live video event.

Additional Media Frame Features:


Closed Captioning can be added to any Media Frame event. Have your presentation captioned live.


Web-based Q&A allows participants to enter questions live as the presentation is on-going. Only presenters have the ability to view these questions.


Speaker Headshots add a personal touch to your webcast to show who is currently presenting.


Materials for Download can be added onto your webcast to give your audience access to supplementary materials.

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