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Previously known as "TalkPoint." GlobalMeet webcasts are built on a cutting edge, cloud-based platform - every webcast is accessible via a browser URL, on nearly any device on the market: desktops, laptops, PCs or Macs, tablets, and smartphones.


Registration and Reporting Tools: GlobalMeet features customized registration and reporting for all event. Registration can be the basic "Name", "Company", and "Email", or we can set it to include whatever information you need from your audience. On GlobalMeet, you can run your own registration and participation reports as well.

GlobalMeet Features:


Social Media Integration: Social Media Share makes it simple for viewers to recommend your webcast to their social media contacts (whether it's before, during, or after they have participated in it.) It also allows you to incorporate your company's profile links and Twitter feed directly into your webcast.


Testing and Certification: GlobalMeet offers online testing and certification that is launched directly after the conclusion of the session. At the end of the webcast, the questions are displayed. The viewer would then respond, and if they pass, they can immediately print a customized, personalized, and serial-numbered certificate. Admins receive thorough reporting on who passed and failed, and their answers to each question.

Most Popular GlobalMeet Event Types:

Audio Only Webcast

Audio Only Webcast

with Presenter-Controlled Slides

Audio Only Webcast

with User-Controlled Slides

Video Webcast

Webcam Event

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