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Connecting You to Your Audience

Audio, Web, and Video Teleconference Services

Convey is 100% SaaS-based webcasting product that allows users to broadcast their audio or video presentation to live and on-demand audiences of up to 10,000 viewers.

  • Device Compatibility


TalkPoint webcasts are built on a cutting edge, cloud-based platform. Every webcast is accessible via a browser URL, which enables the support of nearly any device on the market. TalkPoint webcasts are accessible from desktops, laptops, PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.


  • Registration and Reporting tools


TalkPoint features customized registration and reporting for all events. When setting up your event, you can create custom questions or pick from a list of standard questions that we use.


In addition, you can decide which are optional versus required and the order in which they appear.


Choose from one of the report templates, one of your previous customized reports or create a new one from scratch. You can run your report with one click and download it to Excel with a second click.


  • Social Media Integration


TalkPoint’s Social Media Share feature makes it simple for viewers to recommend your virtual event to their connections before, during and after they have participated. Additionally, the Social Media Connect functionality allows you to incorporate your company’s profile links and Twitter feeds to your event. Create valuable backlinks to your company’s LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog or other social media site on your registration page, as well as on your event player.


  • Testing and Certification


TalkPoint offers online testing and certification that is launched directly from the conclusion of the education session. At the end of the webcast, the test questions are launched, the viewer responds, and if the user passes, they can immediately print a customized, personalized and serial numbered certificate.