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Best Practices

On the Phone


The following are guidelines that can be implemented for optimal sound quality on your teleconference:


  • Make sure you are in a private and quiet room with as few distractions as possible.

  • Activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature OR deactivate the “Call Waiting” feature on your telephone. Deactivating “Call Waiting” is usually a touchtone keypad function. Most phone carriers use *70 to turn off this feature. After pressing *70, dial the number (i.e. *70-1-877-***-****). If this does not turn off this feature, please contact your local telephone service provider for instructions.

  • Do not use a cell phone, cordless phone, or speakerphone. These devices may lose connection for a variety of reasons – insufficient charge, poor cell strength, cross talk, etc. Volume is poor and they can cause feedback and other issues in the conference call.

  • It is recommended that you use a landline phone and turn up the volume. The Conference Operator will adjust volume into the call when necessary. You may also consider using a headset on your landline phone that has been tested or sound checked. Do not use a cordless or Bluetooth headset.

  • For persistent sound quality issues, it is often better to disconnect and dial-in again or allow our operator to dial-out to you. Your phone carrier will almost certainly automatically route you through a different line and by reestablishing connection, the sound quality will be improved.



On the Web


The following are guidelines that can be implemented for optimal connectivity to your web event:


  • Before your event, test your system for use on the platform. 

  • Be sure to use the same computer which was tested to access the live event meeting.

  • InComm strongly urges all users to use a wired ethernet connection for the event. Do not use a wireless network, as a continuous connection cannot be guaranteed. A break in wireless connectivity can cause you to lose access to the event.

  • Connect early. It is recommended that you join your web conference up to 15 minutes before it is scheduled to begin so that there is time to provide you with technicall assistence should it be required.


For Scheduled Conferences: press *0 for Operator Assistance.


For Reservationless Conferences: press *0 for Operator Assistance.

Please note that it may be necessary to dial 877-804-2066 for operator assistance during non-business hours.

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