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Web Events


Get the most reach for your event using our web platforms to deliver you message. As the Internet of Things evolves, more people are looking to on-line, on demand content for information. InComm's web based solutions integrate with our audio platform to bring you the best experience possible. If you are already have a well-established web presence or if you are looking to expand for the future, our web technology will keep you connected to your audience.

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If you need to broadcast your message to the largest possible audience, our Webcasting solutions will deliver. From start to finish, our team will be able to prepare your event to your specifications; web based registration, customized branding, and full event reporting allow you to control the flow of your content.

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When a more visual collaboration is required, our web-based conference offerings are up to the task. Share your materials through our interactive platforms and get real-time feedback and input from your audience. Tech support and event management are available through our dedicated Web Support specialists.

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Examples of Web Event Types



Conference Services


  • Full Event Management & Setup

  • Custom Registration

  • Branded Landing Page

  • Question & Answer

  • Voting / Polling

  • Moderator Service

  • Post Conference Reporting

  • Media Production

  • Transcription Services

  • Field Production Services

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