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Video Conferencing


It is easy to think that video conferencing is out of reach because you don't have the time to learn, understand, and manage the technology. InComm Conferencing, however, provides a comprehensive, phased approach to the implementation of video conferencing, making sure each conference is a success.

InComm offers several options, such as multi-point bridging, network and gateway services, which help you meet with anyone no matter where they are in the world. You provide us with the meeting details and we'll handle the rest.

Through our trained Client Services Specialists, your video conference can be scheduled by reserving video conferencing rooms, sites and systems. When your participants do not have access to video equipment, we can find a convenient video room near their location. We handle your point-to-point and multipoint calls in our call center.

Whether your video conference requires Standard Definition, High Definition, IP, ISDN or a mix, we are committed to providing you with the most reliable, high-quality conferencing experience.


InComm's Video Bridging Services Include:


  • IP (H.323) video endpoints

  • IP/ISDN gateway

  • ISDN (H.320) video endpoints

  • Audio add-on

  • Video dial-out

  • Video dial-in

  • Full Conference Monitoring

  • Transcoding

  • Continuous Presence Mode


InComm's Additional Video Conferencing Services Include:

  • EVERGREEN™ Companion (application based solution allowing you to conduct a multipoint video conference) 

  • Access to Video Conference Units

  • Video Conference Room rentals

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