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In today's fast-paced world, business changes quickly. That's why you need an audio conferencing solution that's flexible, reliable and ready when you are. InComm's Reservationless Conferencing is simple to use, time-tested, and most of all, affordable. No reservations are necessary, so you can conduct an audio conference at a moment's notice. Simply dial your toll-free number and enter your unique conference passcode.


InComm Conferencing provides a range of services to meet audio conferencing needs of large corporate customers the world over.  Our services include both Reservationless and Reservation-based conferencing.  All of our services are available 24/7.


These calls are Passcode driven and require no operator to run. Guests are given a passcode which will place them through to their conference immediately. Clients are given passcode accounts on a request-only basis. Passcodes can be made available 24/7/365 or be set to only work through specific time-frames. There are self-service options for managing passcodes on a per Account basis. There is a web portal for conducting your passcode call via a graphical interface.


PASSCODE + PIN (Unassisted PIN Conference)

Secure your event with a two-step verification process. Expanding on InComm's passcode offerings, PIN verification enables you to match guests to a pre-defined list of attendees while blocking anyone who may have received the passcode in error. Duplicate PINs are denied entry into the event. Specific PINs can be provided to use for your event or generated by our Scheduling team.


DIAMONDPASS CONFERENCING (PIN Conference + Registration)

DiamondPass combines the simplicity and security of passcode + PIN access with the power to collect custom registration information from your audience.  Our Scheduling team manages the registration setup, but you have control over who ultimately can access your event. Live registration updates are downloadable with the click of a link. E-mail notifications, reminders, and updates are possible options to send to registered participants.


HYBRID PASSCODE (Operator-Assisted + Passcode)

Hybrid calls mix the Assisted / Unassisted service options. A lead operator is assigned to run the event as though it were Assisted, but participants are automatically joined to the call using passcode entry.



InComm Auto-Record allows a Host to dial-in to a passcode account, and record a message or presentation without scheduling a conference.   Available 24x7, InComm Auto-Record is ideal for emergency messages, company announcements or reports, and presentations to be used for rebroadcast in a later conference, such as an earnings release.


InComm has years of experience providing unsurpassed teleconferencing services to both domestic and international customers in all industries and specialized services for Investor Relations, Product Marketing, Medical and Technology Marketing, Legal Professionals, and more.

Conference Features


  • First Caller Message – at set up (default)


Message will be played to the first caller informing them that they are the first caller and to wait while others join.


  • Host Dial-Out - at setup


This feature provides dial-out ability to the Host of a conference.  For further security, it can be configured to allow or prohibit international calling.


  • Conference Quick Start – at set up


This indicates that once the second party (Guest) joins the conference, the conference is automatically started without the Host.


  • Chairperson Disconnect – at set up


Conferences can be configured so that when the host disconnects all other participants are also disconnected.


  • Conference Mute – in conference


A participant may mute or un-mute themselves by entering a touch-tone (DTMF) sequence on the phone keypad.


A Host may mute or un-mute the entire conference by entering a touch=-tone sequence on the phone keypad.


  • Conference Lock


Using a touch-tone keypad, the conference leader can lock the conference so no new participants are able to join.


  • Recording and Recording Notifier


With recording enabled, a Host has the ability to record any conference.  It can be set up as Automatic or Manual.  Upon completion of the conference, the Recording Notifier provides authorized users an automated email with a link to download the recording of their conference.  


  • Project Code Management - at setup


This feature enables the Host to enter a numerical reference for the conference.  This information will be automatically added to Activity Reports and invoices.


  • Participant Name Record (PNR) – at set up


With PNR activated, conferees are prompted to speak their name. The system records the participant’s name for use during the conference (roll call, entry and exit announcements, vetting).


  • Leader Recorded Greeting – at set up


Chairperson has the ability to record a greeting message that is played to participants joining the conference.


  • Conference Roll Call – in conference


Chairperson can play a conference roll call using each participant's name. Roll calls can be played to the entire conference or privately to the chairperson.


  • Password Validation Count – at set up


This indicates that after a party enters their passcode they will hear a message informing them of how many parties are in the conference.


  • Entrance and Exit Announcements – at set up


With entrance and exit announcements turned on, the conference hears a spoken announcement incorporating the participant recorded name. The chairperson can, during the course of a conference, toggle entrance/exit announcements on and off.


  • Chair IVR

The chairperson (Host code participants) can access an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu to control the conference and its participants.

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