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Assisted Conferences


For a professional, efficient, and informative meeting, choose an Operator Assisted conference. InComm's experienced Scheduling team manages the details in advance, allowing you to concentrate on your presentation.


InComm's event scheduling protocols set us apart in the industry as the leader of flawlessly executed, high profile Operator Assisted conference events. To ensure a successful event, detailed pre-planning is a must.


Our full spectrum of enhancements can be customized your conference to meet your exact needs.


Assisted calls utilize an operator to answer VIPs, introduce speakers, run Q&A, voting/polling, and prepare conference reports. Calls are scheduled in advance (ad-hoc scheduling also available) and a lead operator is assigned for the duration. Parties are given a dedicated dial-in number while VIPs and speakers are given a priority dial-in number to be connected to the lead operator.



Take full advantage of our experienced and highly-skilled Media Production team. Reserve a conference to record remarks with a dedicated InComm operator at your side to manage editing notes. InComm's editing team will compile a final audio product for approval which can then be used as a playback for a live event or hosted digital replay. This service is also available as a fully automated, unassisted solution.



InComm's fully integrated playback system can replay prepared remarks directly into your audio conference; this is perfect for pre-recorded earnings release statements, rebroadcasts of previous events, and to help facilitate recurring Q&A sessions.


HYBRID PASSCODE (Operator-Assisted + Passcode)

Hybrid calls mix the Assisted / Unassisted service options. A lead operator is assigned to run the event as though it were Assisted, but participants are automatically joined to the call using passcode entry.

Enhanced Services for all audio events:


Lecture Mode

With Lecture Mode, the audience is in “Listen Only” mode during the conference (for training, distance learning and announcement applications). Lecture Mode is often used with Electronic Question and Answer Sessions and Electronic Polling.



Speaker and VIP’s are in a separate conference

prior to the event starting.


Electronic Question and Answer

Monitored by experienced Conference Specialists, this service allows Moderators and Speakers the opportunity to conduct organized and professional Q&A Sessions with his or her audience via a touch-tone telephone.


Electronic Polling

Participants answer multiple choice questions or

vote using their touch-tonetelephones during the



E-mail Broadcast

Improve the productivity of your conference

events by e-mailing related materials, agendas and surveys to multiple participants at the same time, either before or after the audio conference.


Roll Call

Introduction of each participant by a Conference Specialist.



Recording Digital Replay / Rebroadcast

At your request, a conference can be recorded in either CD, MP3 or .wav format. A conference may also be recorded digitally and made available for rebroadcast at a scheduled date and time or placed on our Digital Replay System.


With Digital Replay, conferences are available for review 24-hours -a-day, 7 days-a-week via a toll-free number.



We will provide you with an E-mail, hard copy, or CD transcription of your conference.


Participant List

Excel format. List of participants from your conference.


Conference Dial-Out

At a specified time, our operators will call out to your participants and connect them directly to your event. 


Detailed Billing and Reporting

All invoices include connect and disconnect times for each participant, including the names of participants on attended calls. Our billing is based on a per line/per minute charge which means you are billed only for the time actually used by each participant.

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