Connecting You to Your Audience

Audio, Web, and Video Teleconference Services

Convey is 100% SaaS-based webcasting product that allows users to broadcast their audio or video presentation to live and on-demand audiences of up to 10,000 viewers.

  • Audio Webcast

(Audience Controlled Slides)


This demo features user/audience controlled slides, custom branding, video overlay, interactive features, and post-event exit survey.



  • Video Webcast


This demo features custom branding, custom tabs, Q&A interactive features, on-demand chapter jump points, and field production services.



2015 CVS Analyst Day The Right Strategy for an Evolving Health Care Market
  • Audio Webcast

(Presenter Controlled slides)


This demo features presenter controlled slides (both 4x3 and 16x9), custom branding, interactive features, and field production services.



Luxoft Inaugural Investor Day
  • Webcam Switched Event


This demo features multi-site webcams, custom branding, custom tabs, and Q&A interactive features.