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Audio Conferencing


InComm offers a variety of ways to use our system based on specific needs. Whether preparing for a large scale product release or simply speaking one-on-one with your affiliates, InComm's audio services provide the flexibility to do it all.

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Assisted conferencing employs the services of InComm's call center operators to greet incoming callers and join them into your conference. This allows InComm's operators to capture key pieces of information about each caller before they are joined into the meeting. In addition, a dedicated operator is assigned to your call to make introductions, moderate question and answer sessions, and to make sure your event runs smoothly.


**Recommended for Investor Relations and high-profile events with VIP access.

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Unassisted conferencing provides you with the power to initiate a meeting at any time. InComm can provide you and your team with individual passcodes with customized features. Passcodes also give you access to our powerful web portals which can be used to manage your conference at the click of a button. Self-service conferencing has never been easier.



**Recommended for internal projects, interviews, and last minute update calls.

Examples of Audio Event Types




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Conference Services


  • Full Event Management & Setup

  • HD Audio - Learn More

  • In Call Dial-Out

  • Branded Dial-In

  • Custom Hold Music

  • Participant Capture

  • Voice Capture

  • Operator Introductions

  • Question & Answer

  • Voting / Polling

  • Moderator Service

  • Post Conference Reporting

  • Media Production

  • Transcription Services

  • Field Production Services

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